Interested in volunteering at Faithwalkers? There are a number of opportunities available. Complete the form below and a member of our staff will respond as soon as possible.

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Please note: All Faithwalkers Jr. volunteers must be at least 18 years old.
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This last section is for Faithwalkers Jr. volunteers only. If you are not volunteering with Faithwalkers Jr., you can skip the remaining questions and click "SEND" at the bottom of the form. Please indicate in which sessions you would prefer to serve. If you would prefer not to serve in a given session, you can skip over it. You can select as few or as many as you would like. We will use this information to help create the schedule for Faithwalkers Jr.
Session 0
Thursday, December 27 from 6:45 PM – 8:45 PM
Session 1
Friday, December 28 from 9 AM – 12 PM
Session 2
Friday, December 28 from 6:45 PM – 8:45 PM
Session 3
Saturday, December 29 from 9 AM – 12 PM
Session 4
Saturday, December 29 from 6:45 PM – 8:45 PM
Session 5
Sunday, December 30 from 9 AM – 12 PM
Session 6
Sunday, December 30 from 6:45 PM – 8:45 PM
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Select the age group with which you prefer to help. You can select both if you don't have a preference.
I acknowledge that every effort will be made to accommodate my preferences, and I accept that I will be placed where I’m needed most, even at the last minute.