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Glasses, contacts, Lasik — correcting our vision opens up a whole new world.

The same is true with our spiritual eyesight.

Life takes on new meaning when our vision of Jesus and His eternal purpose comes into focus. "Seeing clearly" — that's what this year's Faithwalkers conference is all about.

Many people go through life aimlessly, but not Faithwalkers.
We fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

How's your spiritual vision?
Can you use some corrective lenses?
Join us for Faithwalkers East 2019 and sharpen your focus.

December 27–30, 2019
Ridgecrest Conference Center, Ridgecrest, NC



We serve a God who is worthy to be praised. Faithwalkers provides an awesome opportunity to worship through song with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Many of the songs we sing together have been written by members of Great Commission Churches.

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2019 Speakers

2019 Main Sessions

Chris Old: 20/20 Vision of God
Frank Liu:
20/20 Vision for Your Life
Berk Wilson:
20/20 Vision for Your Church
Nick Carruthers:
20/20 Vision for Your Family
Tom Short:
20/20 Vision for Your Vocation
Tony Pierson:
20/20 Vision for Your World
Dave Blum:
20/20 Vision of Jesus

The Faithwalkers conference came from the desire to give young men and women the opportunity to hear from pastors who have been devoted to Jesus Christ and the Great Commission. At Faithwalkers, people get to hear stories from these men of faith and to learn and benefit from their experiences.

Faithwalkers Jr.

Why should the adults get to have all the fun? Faithwalkers Jr. is a Faithwalkers experience just for kids up to age 12. Faithwalkers Jr. will be administered by Oak Ridge Community Church and approved volunteers during the morning and evening sessions of the main Faithwalkers conference.

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