When does the conference begin on the 27th, and when does it end on the 30th?

Faithwalkers kicks off on December 27 at 7:00 PM. You’ll want to give yourself enough time to visit the registration table and check into your room, so we recommend arriving at least a couple hours early.

The last session on December 30 should end by 9:00 PM. Most conference attendees will head home the morning of the 31st.

How does someone become a main session speaker at Faithwalkers?

Faithwalkers is designed for those who have walked with the Lord for many years to pass on life-transforming truths they have learned and practiced. Our criteria for choosing speakers is not so much who is the most dynamic or gifted speaker but who has a proven track record of living out the core values of the Great Commission Churches movement and its slogan, "New Testament Christianity in Action Today!"

Who comes to Faithwalkers?

While the conference was originally designed with young people in mind, Faithwalkers is for anyone who wants to grow in his or her relationship with Jesus Christ! Click here to learn how to attend Faithwalkers as a family.

Can I come to Faithwalkers even if I don't know anyone?

Yes, but expect to get to know some people. We believe good relationships are a vital part of the Christian life. If you're coming by yourself, let us know, and we'll try to connect you with some others at Faithwalkers.

Can I live stream the conference from home?

Participation is part of what makes Faithwalkers such an awesome experience. Therefore, we don't live stream the conference. However, audio recordings of all the main sessions and seminars will be available shortly after the conference is over. You can access the audio recordings from past conferences here.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! We especially need volunteers to help with Faithwalkers Jr., registration, and recording seminars. You can complete the volunteer form and let us know how you'd like to serve at Faithwalkers.

Does the cost of registration include housing and meals?

No, registration is for the conference only. After registering, the next step is to arrange your housing and meal accommodations. Click here to learn more about housing and meals.

Do I have to buy a meal plan?

If you'd rather provide your own food, you don't have to buy a meal plan. There are several restaurants and grocery stores in the nearby Black Mountain area. Please note that you will not be allowed into the Ridgecrest dining hall without a meal pass. Click here to learn more about Faithwalkers meal plans.

What can we do on the free afternoon?

You can hike one of the paths in the mountains surrounding Ridgecrest, browse the excellent Lifeway bookstore, chill with some friends or take a personal walk as you process what you're learning. You're also free to take a well-deserved nap!

If I'm not spending the night at Ridgecrest, do I still have to pay?

If you don't plan to stay on Ridgecrest's campus, you can commute to the conference. Commuters must register for the conference and pay a Campus Usage Fee to Ridgecrest ($12/day or $25/full conference), regardless of whether meals are purchased. Please contact us about registering as a commuter.

What is your refund policy?

All registrations are transferable but not refundable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Why does Tom Short Campus Ministries show up on my credit card receipt?

Beginning this year, Tom Short Campus Ministries is administering Faithwalkers East on behalf of Great Commission Churches in the eastern region in the United States.

What's the weather like at Ridgecrest in late December?

It's usually fairly pleasant, although one year it was cold and snowy. You'll want to bring a warm jacket even if you don't end up needing it. Click here before coming to get the latest weather forecast for Ridgecrest, NC.

How can I help promote Faithwalkers?

Thanks for asking! We will have a digital promo pack that includes images for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well as phone and desktop wallpapers. If you want to promote Faithwalkers at your church, we will have a church promotion plan that you can follow. Check back later for more info on these. Thanks for helping us spread the word!

Still have a question? Contact us and we'll help you out.